Worshop Facilitation – A Structured Approach for Every Team or Group

Facilitation is a method that assists opinion shaping and decision making processes in groups.
A facilitator is an expert who ensures a structured exchange of ideas and experiences within the group without intervening with regards to the content. One of her tasks is to take care of the visualization and documentation of the elaborated content

Using a facilitator ensures high participant involvement in decision making processes, improves work satisfaction and motivates

Irene moderiert

Participants are inspired to more creativity and will therefore use their knowledge and competencies in a more effective manner

The facilitator ensures a transparent documentation of the decision which leads to more acceptance

As a facilitation expert, I assist the group to work independently, to find solutions to their issues themselves and to agree on suitable measures


  • Does your our team / group need to make mutually agreed decisions?
  • Do you need to develop new contents (e.g. working procedures, processes, etc.)?
  • Do you have a loose group of people that needs to become a strong team?
  • Would like to prepare your team for an upcoming change?


As a facilitator I can only perform well, if you take time to brief me properly. During a first meeting which is free of charge, we can establish the terms and conditions and define the goals and topics of the workshop. Based on what we worked out I will draft a workshop design, to be discussed with you. After the workshop you will receive the entire documentation of the working results as well as the content presented as a pdf. Invoices will be issued after the workshop.

Locations: On your premesis or a hotel of your choice providing the required materials.

If you wish

1 day facilitation – 1.200 Euro plus VAT
1 day concept, preparation and follow-up – 1.000 Euro plus VAT