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Workshop and Meeting Facilitation Participative on- and offline meetings and workshops - target oriented, interactive and different


Facilitation Occasions

  • Developing and creating content together (e.g. strategy, ideas, ways of working)
  • Working out roles & responsibilities
  • Decision making
  • Teambuilding and development
  • Retrospectives
  • Working out and dealing with conflicts
  • Handling and managing changes


Facilitation is a method supporting opinion and decision making processes in groups. The facilitator enables a structured exchange of opinions and information within the group without influencing the content.

We use agile, activating and creative methods, aligned with our participant’s needs to ensure transparency and hence highest involvement possible.

Agile principles such as purpose, transparency, empowerment and experimentation guide us and our way of facilitating.



  • Initial meeting and getting to know each other (in person oder online)
  • Contract award and definition of specifications
  • Development of an individual workshop design
  • Presentation of first draft and feedback from client
  • If required adaptation of design
  • Conduction of workshop incl. documentation
  • Meeting minutes and if applicable further consulting

Let's skype, zoom or use the good old phone...

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