Why is it good to have a Facilitator?

Facilitation is a method that assists opinion shaping and decision finding processes in groups. The Facilitator is the expert with regards to facilitation methods and the one who ensures a structured exchange of ideas and experiences within the group without intervening with regards to the content. The facilitator also takes care of the visualization and documentation of the elaborated content.

What is the benefit of using a Facilitator?

  • Involvement of people in decision making processes, improves work satisfaction and motivates
  • Participants can concentrate on the content and on the discussion knowing that there is a person who will ensure a structured flow of the meeting
  • The Facilitator himself but also the methods she/he uses, inspire the participants to become more creative considering their knowledge and competencies
  • An external Facilitator can be of high benefit as he/she is not involved in your system and is therefore able to ask different questions that might lead to other perspectives
  • The Facilitator also ensures a transparent documentation of the decisions made during the meeting. Hence hardly any topic or opinion gets lost, weeks later one can still understand what happened during the meeting and the group is more inclined to accept the decisions made

A Facilitator assist the group to work independently, to find solutions to their issues themselves and to agree on suitable measures.