Team Building


Team building or team development can mean so many things …

Most of the time it really does mean the development of a working group into a team, as not every group that works together is necessarily a team.

Here is a possible definition of what TEAM means: A team has either mutually elaborated goals or given targets that they identify with. The overall goal is the team’s success and not the success of an individual. A team performs in a trustable working environment with a healthy feedback culture, open communication and mutual respect.

If the above is aspired than one needs to be aware of the fact that this takes time. Time that people need to take to get to know each other better, to develop mutually agreed goals but also rules of communication and cooperation in order to be able to handle conflicts and different opinions, to discuss and work on company assignments and last but not least to enjoy work.

This requires an aligned concept, competent facilitation in German or English and professional methods of process management.

In case you are interested, please feel free to contact me. I’d be more than happy to design an individual concept for your team development process once we performed a contracting meeting. The first personal meeting is free of charge.