Symptoms for Burnout

Burnout Coaching 2

When you feel that your commitment to things that you used to enjoy, your work efficiency and motivation but also your creativity and memory are diminishing you might want to start taking a close look at your work-life-balance and behaviors. Halfheartedness, feelings of guilt and loss of positive feelings towards clients or patients are often first indicators for a burnout.

Indifference and withdrawal lead to feelings of inferiority, insecurity, irritability and even to fears. Physical conditions such as sleeping disorders, head or back aches, stomach or intestinal disorders etc. add to the above and increase the probability of having a burnout syndrome. In these situations people often go “doctor shopping” or start to self-medicate with remedies and drugs they get either from the internet or in esoteric shops. When our self-esteem fades away, we tend to withdraw ourselves from the company of other people and spend more and more time at home. That’s why mild to moderate depressive episodes often including suicidal thoughts are most of the time attendant symptoms of the burnout syndrome.

Symptoms such as back, stomach or heart aches, ringing ears or sudden deafness, nightmares, tension and restlessness or the inability to recuperate can be job related sufferings and first indications for burnout.

In case you have experienced such symptoms on a regular basis you might want to think about getting help from a professional such as a doctor, a psychiatrist, a burnout coach or join a self-help group.