Self-Confidence Coaching


How often did you step back only because some colleague was more convincing, stronger or merely just more self-confident than you were? Looking back, there were probably only minor details that became important or had an impact in that particular moment. You probably asked yourself a few times, what does he/she have that I don’t? And I am not talking about positional power or exclusive information but about the impression people get, created by postures (gestures and facial expressions) and a natural personal authority or attitude.

Behaviors, postures and personal attitudes are well understood and when properly used  they can help, strengthen your self-confidence. An individual coaching can be of great support. With a coach you can reflect your individual situations, get feedback with regards to your impact on others and work on alternatives. Furthermore a coach could give and show you specific exercises and training tasks to strengthen your self-confidence in order to be able to step forward and impress others.

In case this topic rings a bell and you would like to work on it, go ahead and contact me to schedule a first appointment which is free of charge.

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