Female Coaching


Coaching for women, sensitive and yet fuss-free. In case you are looking for a female coach who supports you in becoming a confident person, or making decisions, who is your sparing partner in dealing with personal or professional challenges and who can coach you during your personal development process, then you are on the right website.

Get to know me in a 30 min. personal meeting which is free of charge for you. Afterwards you can take your time to decide wheater I am the right coach for you. Here is a brief digression regarding the word: “MUST”

I am writing about this topic because I keep hearing those words especially from my female coachees.

Expressions like: “You must …” or  “You have to get this done today ” or even self-imposed attitudes starting with “I have to…” are sayings that might become serious stressors over time. Thoughts like:

  • I have to do better than others
  • They must love me
  • I can’t make any mistakes

often cross our female minds. A reflection of these sentences can already help you to reduce your stress level and become more relaxed. Here are some questions and thoughts that might help you:

  • Pay more attention to your language and your thoughts
  • Ask yourself if you might have wrong expectations towards yourself and others
  • Who says that you have to do something and why?
  • Ask yourself if you really have to?  How much pressure is there and where does it come from?

By the way, in only a few cases you would really have to do something. You can, you want to, you have the possibility to or you might help someone if you do, but you don’t really have to…

Hence, try to develop a healthy allergy against “have to”.