Frequently Asked Questions

What does “irenicon” mean?

“irenicon” is actually an English word. It means: a proposition that attempts to harmonize conflicting viewpoints

Is there a connection between the name of the company and what you are doing (coaching, facilitation and training)?

I chose this name because I want to assist my clients in finding more harmony, calmness and inner peace

Issues such as job dissatisfaction or unhealthy relationships but also burnout and stress can disturb your inner peace. Coaching can help you to find out more about yourself, to work on your issues and to make your life more harmonious for instance by dealing with and addressing your goals and wishes

Training, workshop facilitation or team development are rather approaches for groups and teams who have just been put together, who need to deal with new issues or changes or who need to mutually make decisions. Dealing with these issues leads eventually to more harmony and inner peace…

How do you understand your work?

I follow the constructivistic understanding, saying that we all build our own reality. If this is true, then our own perception of the world and the happenings around us do not necessarily have to fit the perception of others. Especially in the beginning of a coaching process I will ask many questions and try to slowly understand your perception of the world. I don’t know, which way is the right way for you but I can help you find your own way

How do you proceed if your coachee is not from the greater Hamburg area?

If the traveling distance exceeds 40 km I will have to charge travel expenses.
Remember, that you always have the possibility of having an online coaching session, thus saving time and cost