Coaching in Organizations

Wasan Island

When it comes to offering coachings to their employees companies do no longer wait until it is almost too late and then offer their employees professional support. According to the German Haufe Akademie emergency rescues become less and less. Organizations tend to act preventively and prepare their employees for coping with future challenges in advance. 

There are 3 conditions that need to be fulfilled regarding coaching in organizations:

  1. The employee needs to be ready for and see the benefits of coaching. If a coaching process is somehow imposed by upper management the coachee will hardly be prepared to work on his/her issues or even open up during the coaching sessions and trust the coach.
  2. Coachee and coach need to trust each other. The coachee needs to have the feeling that the coach understands him/her, that the person he/she is opening up to is genuine and empathic. But the most important aspect is the fact that the coachee must be sure that the coaching process will have no consequences for him/her that so ever. Confidentiality is sacred.
  3. There must be room and time for personal issues. Every systemic coach knows that the coachee is part of different systems influencing each other all the time. Personal or emotional issues influence the coachees work and need to be dealt with even though at first sight they seem not to be part of the organizational system.

In case you are given the chance to profit from a coaching sponsored by your company, look for a coach who is genuine and you feel comfortable around, someone whom you think and feel you can trust.
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