Here are some things you might want to know about Irene Lukas the founder of  “irenicon” 

You will meet a globetrotter who has traveled half the world during her last assignment as a Business Consultant and is able to handle different cultures very well

You will get to know a foreign language correspondent who speaks very good English

You will meet a person who is able to emphatize with her clients very quickly, who will take care of and assist them the best possible way and who fully believes that trust and absolute discretion are the most important values in a coaching process

About Me
About Me

You will experience an excellent trainer and facilitator, who can handle all hierarchy levels of a company and gathered a lot of experience in different countries such as: China, Thailand, North Korea and USA

You will also meet a person with a migrant background who left her home country in Eastern Europe to start a new life in Germany

Furthermore I would like you to meet a cat and dog lover, who is madly in love with her cat

Meet me and see for yourself …

Short extract from my CV:

  • since 2014 independent Coach, Trainer and Facilitator
  • 4 years experience as Business Consultant and Trainer for people and organizational development
  • Master studies of Sociology, University of Augsburg, 2009
  • 7 years experience as Assistant to Managing Director in different companies 
  • Training as Foreign Language Correspondent for English, 1995